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COELME has obtained the highest financial reliability index "CRIBIS PRIME COMPANY". This prestigious acknowledgement is the maximum ranking for commercial reliability of a company. 

CSR Performance Rating 23.02.2017

Today 23.02.2017 COELME got the Bronze Recognition Level of Corporate Social Responsability Performance Rating by EcoVadis as per RFI requirement.

COELME-EGIC wish You...24.12.2016

COELME - EGIC E-Distribuzione homologation 14.12.2016

14th December 2016, Coelme is pleased to announce that the homologation process with E-Distribuzione according to Global Standard GSH003 rev.02 was succesfully completed for awarded items.

COELME-EGIC Strategic Planning Meeting09.11.2016

Today 09/11/2016 in Turin the Internal Strategic Planning Meeting took place with the participation of all the managers from both Companies COELME and EGIC.  

COELME visit to PRIMA site04.11.2016

After completion of all the tests on COELME supply to Fusion for Energy (HVD and TL), a COELME delegation visited  PRIMA site at CNR Padova with the assistance of Mr. Boldrin-RFX.     

ISO 9001 & ISO 1400119.10.2016

This week COELME had a surveillance audit about ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The result has been successfull.

Transmission line connection to SPIDER vessel completed25.07.2016

                        Part of the 35 metre long transmission line which is connected to the SPIDER vessel   For details please refer to:

CRIBIS D&B RATING 111.07.2016

COELME has obtained the highest financial reliability index "CRIBIS D&B RATING 1". This prestigious acknowledgement is the maximum ranking for commercial reliability of a company. Less than 6% of the analyzed companies reaches today this ranking level.

SIEMENS Audit24.06.2016

  On 6th-7th June COELME was audited by SIEMENS S.p.A..                                                       Today We got the cummunication that the audit was passed successfully.  For the whole SIEMENS Group COELME results to be a Qualified

Cigré 201622.06.2016

From Monday 22.08.2016 to Friday 26.08.2016 We are at Cigré with our own stand (boot 358 - Floor plan: level 3)... ...TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO VISIT US!       (Free Registration  


Today the acceptance tests for TL and HVD of F4E project have been successfully completed.

OH SAS 1800120.05.2016

Today we achieved the renewal of OH SAS 18001 certification of our safety management system.

40th year anniversary18.12.2015

Today 19.12.2015 COELME is glad to celebrate its 40th YEAR FOUNDATION ANNIVERSARY   

High-Voltage Deck for F4E03.08.2015

The first F4E component for the Neutral Beam Test Facility (NBTF), the SPIDER High-Voltage Deck (HVD), designed and manufactured by COELME, has been delivered and accepted at the NBTF at the Consorzio RFX site in Padua, Italy. For more details, please visit:  

Small pearl of Italy20.06.2015

COELME is proud to announce that among the 483 companies identified as excellent by Global strategy in the 2015 SME Observatory it is resulted among the forty best ones.    This honour comes for the growth above the national average, the superb economic performance and the enviable patrimonial stability.       

FGC certification17.06.2014

Today 17.06.2014 COELME has been approved by Federal Grid Company, the operator and manager of Russia’s unified electricity transmission grid system. Disconnectors certified are centre break disconnectors with rated voltages 35 kV, 110 kV and 220 kV, rated currents of 1250 A, 2000 A, 2500 A, 3150 A, 4000 A and short time currents up to 63 kA.

Cigré 201421.05.2014

From Monday 25.08.2014 to Friday 29.08.2014 We are at Cigré with our own stand (boot 377)... ...TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO VISIT US!         (FREE visitor badge:  

10th year anniversary21.04.2014

    Today 21.04.2014 we are glad to celebrate our 10th YEAR ANNIVERSARY  of Southern States' ownership

Saudi Aramco approval31.03.2014

EGIC is now approved by Saudi Aramco, a fully integrated, global petroleum and chemicals enterprise, the state-owned oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia        

Power And Tech SQS18.03.2014

COELME Power And Tech SQS questionnaire has successfully passed through data validation.

ABB Supplier Quality Audit 201323.01.2014

On 26.11.2013 ABB was in COELME for Supplier Quality Audit.  Today COELME received the certificate where it was reconfirmed to have a "very good result" of audit.