Current Measuring Device (CMDII®)

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The CMDII® can measure the currents of a three-phase system with no need for solid insulation to ground.

Its main components are:

  • three battery-less sensors (one per phase), integrated into the high-voltage circuit and crossed by the current to be measured;
  • three receivers (one per phase), at ground potential, communicating with the corresponding current sensors through Wi-Fi connection.

Its manufacturing features and operating principle allow it to easily measure also very high currents (up to 4000 A) without the restrictions due to the saturation of the magnetic core which usually occurs with traditional current transformers.

Moreover, the CMDII®, unlike traditional current transformers, does not require special structures for installation since it can be mounted on existing equipment reducing, as a result, both installation costs and the area covered by the plant itself.

The CMDII® is the ideal solution when protections need to be added to existing lines, since it allows carrying out that operation easily and at reduced costs.


Brochure CMDII®
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