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More than a disconnector: the switcher

The switcher is a device which can open and close a circuit in “on-load” condition.

Each COELME-EGIC switcher has been designed to meet specific network-related needs, providing the ideal solution in terms of operation. Among them are, for example (and according to the type of switcher):

  • connection/disconnection of capacitor banks to the network;
  • connection/disconnection of shunt reactors to the network;
  • protection.

When provided with an “external” moving arm, switchers can perform the safety functions typical of a disconnector ensuring, in open position, the isolation required and providing, at the same time, “visual evidence” of circuit opening.

Switchers differ from each other in their function, type of interrupting chamber (SF6 or vacuum) and in the mechanism driving them (electromagnetic actuator, motor or stored-energy spring mechanism).

All COELME-EGIC switchers have been designed to ensure a regular and long service life and to work properly also under the most severe operating conditions (in coastal and/or industrial areas, geothermal areas, in the presence of ice, at extreme temperatures, in seismic areas...).

They all share the following features:

  • high versatility
  • easy installation and adjustment
  • low maintenance
  • high reliability
  • high performance