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Motor Operating Mechanisms (CD)

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Motor operating mechanisms allow for both local and remote motor operation of any COELME-EGIC disconnector and, upon request, they can also be easily adapted to equipment from other manufacturers.

Different models are available (see also “Innovative Products” section). The main are:

  • CD101, for motor operation of disconnectors without earthing blades;
  • CD201 and CD211, for motor operation of disconnectors provided with earthing blades which can be operated only manually (with a lever, acting directly on the vertical driving shaft, and by means of a crank, to be inserted into a reduction gear located inside the box, respectively);
  • CD212, for motor operation of both disconnectors and built-on earthing switches.

The CD101 is provided with one output shaft (to be connected to the disconnector transmission system), whereas models CD201, CD211 and CD212 can count on two output shafts coming from the same box (one to be connected to the disconnector transmission system, the other to the transmission system of the built-on earthing switch): thanks to this configuration the mechanical interlock between the disconnector and the earthing switch is located in the optimal position, i.e. as close to power sources as possible, thus making the device robust and fully reliable, which is fundamental both for the device itself and the safety of the staff operating it.

All models are extremely versatile, which allows implementing any electric diagrams quite easily as well as meeting all possible specifications.


CD Motor operating mechanisms
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