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Reactor Switcher (RLSwitcher®)

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The RLSwitcher® has been specifically designed for the connection/disconnection of shunt reactors to the network.

It is provided with a special, “puffer type”, SF6 interrupting chamber and with a stored-energy spring mechanism.

The interrupting chamber, in particular, unlike that of traditional circuit-breakers, has been designed to limit the high transient recovery voltage (TRV) values which normally appear when breaking inductive currents.

Thanks to its special chamber, the RLSwitcher® reduces the chances of re-ignition as well as the magnitude of the arc, thus increasing the average service life not only of shunt reactors, but also of the oil-insulated surrounding equipment (power, current or voltage transformers...).

Rated voltage: 36 - 550 kV

Rated continuous current: up to 3000 A

Rated short-time withstand current: up to 40 kA (3 s)

Rated breaking capacity: up to 1600 A

Rated short-circuit breaking capacity: up to 40 kA

Rated short-circuit making capacity: up to 63 kA


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