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Maintenance services

Repair? Rehabilitation? Upgrade? Retrofit? Thermovision analysis?

Among its maintenance services, COELME-EGIC can find the best solution in order to meet customers’ needs:

repair, when a damaged component needs to be replaced with a new one. Due to repair activities, which are included in the after-sales services, disconnector performances will regain rated values;

rehabilitation, when some vital components of a disconnector are replaced preventively in order to increase its service life. For instance the replacement of the contacts of the live parts of a disconnector after performing a high number of operations; 

upgrade, when disconnector performances need to be increased. Upgrading does not usually affect the service life of the equipment. Example: integration of one interrupting chamber into an earthing switch;

retrofit, when an old part/component needs to be replaced with another one complying with the up-to-date project. Due to retrofitting, both disconnector performance and service life are improved. Example: replacement of live parts;

thermovision analysis, when a diagnosis of the status of the disconnector is carried out by measuring the temperature of its components. A thermographic camera is used to quickly highlight potential critical points by monitoring the status of the contacts and live parts of the disconnector. This technology does not need to perform actions under out-of-service conditions.

Thermovision Analysis Coelme
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Should any problems arise with COELME-EGIC / Merlin Gerin disconnectors, do not hesitate to contact us!

By providing the data written on the plate of the disconnector, some pictures and a short description of the anomaly which has been found, problem detection and solution times will be reduced.