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Management system

COELME-EGIC is committed to complying with the most stringent requirements on the subject of quality, occupational health and safety, as well as the protection of the environment, which are part of the integrated management system.

The integrated company management system systematically integrates quality, occupational health and safety aspects with environmental protection employing the same methods and structural setup.

Quality policy

In our activities as a whole, we undertake to:

  • Become familiar with our customer
  • Understand and anticipate the customer's needs
  • Meet not just the customer's explicit needs, but implicit needs, too
  • Provide competitive advantages

We are convinced that this can be achieved through:

  • Commitment to achieving improvements every day
  • Proposing solutions, not justifications
  • Attaining measurable results
  • Motivating all personnel
  •  Improving technical and organizational synergies with other companies in the relevant group
  • Maintaining and improving company profitability
  • Acknowledging and rewarding best performances

On the technical side of things, we believe we must:

  • Develop and maintain a leading level of technology
  • Introduce continual improvements in processes
  • Come up with innovative, reliable products and solutions
  • Work together with the customer to seek value‐adding solutions
  • Change our competencies, turning from product suppliers into partners who can offer innovative, comprehensive technological solutions

Environmental policy

In our activities as a whole, we undertake to:

  • Comply with all applicable rules and legislation, prevent any form of pollution and safeguard the health of all workers
  • Maintain an active conduct, aware that we can contribute to improving the environment within the company, within the community we work in, and outside, at our suppliers' premises and those of users employing our products
  • Integrate environmental protection methods in the researching, designing and fine‐tuning of the company's products and processes ‐ production processes and otherwise ‐ as well as the relations with interacting parties (suppliers, customers, authorities etc.)
  • Improve environmental culture and training and health of personnel
  • Determine and document environmental improvement objectives and check their attainment by measuring their impact on savings in terms of resources such as: water, gas, electricity, reduction of scrap, swarf and waste

Health and safety at work policy

In our activities as a whole, we undertake to:

  • Respect, both the spirit and the letter of the legislation in force in the fields of health, safety and occupational hygiene applicable to COELME-EGIC’s activities, products and services; where possible, we also undertake to apply – on a voluntary basis – any additional provision required, in the absence of legal/standard obligations
  • Promote any initiatives aimed to prevent both serious and less serious accidents during operations, which may undermine the personal safety of workers, colleagues, advisors, external personnel and people living/working in the nearby
  • Provide – according to the available budget – the resources needed to ensure a proper safety management system
  • Inform and awaken employees’ and external staff’s opinion to the need for abide by health‐, safety‐ and occupational hygiene‐related laws applicable to the activities which are carried out at COELME-EGIC’s premises; train colleagues, advisors and external personnel for them to be able to act in emergencies or dangerous situations to minimise the consequences
  • Pursue a continual improvement in the field of safety management within the Company, also by identifying the risks associated with the activities carried out and by fixing risk‐reduction‐related objectives, in line with both development plans and the budget available
  • Manage the products and adopt procedures which ensure health, safety and hygiene to workers, external personnel and people living nearby
  • Inform suppliers, visitors, and people living nearby about the procedures and principles of the safety management system, involving them in its application, where possible
  • promote transparent and cooperative relations with public bodies, private individuals and local communities

The core of COELME-EGIC’s policy: the 4 "Ps"

COELME-EGIC’s policy finds its best expression in the policy of the 4 "Ps", an oversimplified formula which is easy to understand by the general public.


4 Ps


  • Develop the activity of new products other than traditional
  • Keep direct expenditures under control; keep margins
  • Control structural expenditures


  • Meet and pay attention to customers’ claims (both internal and external customers)
  • Learn and comply with rules and procedures


  • Respect delivery times and contractual commitments
  • Be aware of the need for respecting all delivery times at all levels


  • Comply with each single point of the legislation in force, checking regularly and methodically that compliance with all legal obligations
  • Reduce waste and encourage selective waste collection
  • Reduce the environmental impact of our products and activities
  • Identify possible dangers and risks – posed by COELME-EGIC’s activities and premises, creating a control system able to minimize them
  • Improve training and knowledge about the environment as well as workers’ health and safety
  • Maintain a proactive behaviour, being aware of the opportunity to improve the working environment, health and safety both inside – in our Company and within the communities we interact with – and outside – at our suppliers’ premises as well as where the final users of our products operate
  • Integrate environment protection‐related measures and health and safety in the analysis, design, and creation of products, production and non‐production‐related processes and the relations with the interacting parties (suppliers, customers, bodies, etc.)
  • Avoid dangerous situations which may cause probable damage (risk)
  • Carry out regular inspections of all working areas for risk assessment