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Circuit Switcher (CSH)

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The circuit switcher was born in the USA to switch and protect transformers and, more generally, loads (reactors, lines, cables...), as an alternative to dead tank circuit-breakers which are definitely more expensive.

It is provided with a “puffer type”, SF6 interrupting chamber and with an operating mechanism which allows for both motor and manual operation.

It is characterized by the presence of a shunt trip, which is a stored-energy spring device driven by a trip coil, which allows for quick opening of the chamber ensuring phase synchronous operation.

It is more versatile than a traditional circuit-breaker since it allows different types of mounting (horizontal, vertical, on pole...).

The following models are available:

  • CSH, without integrated disconnector;
  • CSH-VB, provided with a vertical-break disconnector connected in series with the interrupting chamber.

The CSH-VB type allows creating compact solutions (much smaller than traditional ones based on “circuit-breaker + disconnector” configurations), which are suitable for installation either on trailers (mobile substations) or on pole and can even include instrument transformers and surge arresters.

Moreover, the CSH-VB type is provided with one single operating mechanism for both devices, which prevents the risk of performing erroneous operation sequences.

Rated voltage: 36 - 245 kV

Rated continuous current: up to 2000 A

Rated short-time withstand current: up to 40 kA (3 s)

Rated breaking capacity: up to 2000 A

Rated short-circuit breaking capacity: up to 40 kA

Rated short-circuit making capacity: up to 40 kA


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