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Autonomous Operating Mechanism (AOM)

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The AOM has been designed for installation on equipment located in isolated areas or where LV network is not available.

Its main components are:

  • the power supply unit, comprising an accumulator battery (24 Vdc), charged by solar panels or by means of an auto-transformer;
  • the standard COELME-EGIC motor operating mechanism (see “Disconnectors” section), specifically modified in order to reduce consumption;
  • the remote terminal unit, which allows controlling the equipment remotely through GSM/GPRS networks.

The high versatility and flexibility provided by the remote control unit allow meeting a wide range of needs, among which are:

  • monitoring environmental parameters (internal and external temperatures, humidity...);
  • monitoring the status of the equipment (open vs. closed positions) and of the electrical components of the operating mechanism (magnetothermic circuit-breaker, operation selector switch …)
  • setting alarms for abnormal operating conditions (high internal temperature, power supply unit fault, forcing of the operating mechanism door...)
  • taking pictures to provide VISUAL evidence of the status of the equipment.

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