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Line Switcher (LSH)

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The line switcher has been specifically designed to switch transformers and, more generally, loads like  lines and cables, in a cheap and reliable manner.

It is provided with a “puffer type”, SF6 interrupting chamber and with an operating mechanism which allows for both motor and manual operation.

Unlike the circuit switcher, the line switcher is not provided with a shunt trip, which means that the opening of the chambers is possible only upon completion of the “slow” rotation of the driving shaft.

It is more versatile than a traditional circuit-breaker since it allows different types mounting (horizontal, vertical, on pole, phase-over-phase...).

The following models are available:

  • LSH, without integrated disconnector;
  • LSH-VB, provided with a vertical-break disconnector connected in series with the interrupting chamber.

The LSH-VB model allows creating compact solutions suitable for installation either on trailers (mobile substations) or phase-over-phase on pole.

Moreover, the LSH-VB model is provided with one single operating mechanism for both devices, which prevents the risk of performing erroneous operation sequences.

The LSH model is typically installed on overhead line tee points, to allow possible isolation of one of the branches (for example, for maintenance reasons) without involving upstream circuit-breakers.

Rated voltage: 36 - 245 kV

Rated continuous current: up to 2000 A

Rated short-time withstand current: up to 40 kA (3 s)

Rated breaking capacity: up to 2000 A

Rated short-circuit making capacity: up to 40 kA


Brochure LSH&LSH-VB
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